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Accidente 777

The speed of the evacuation of Asiana Flight 214 in San Francisco on Saturday suggested to observers a textbook example of how to get more than 300 people off a plane after a crash and before it burns. Flight attendants train once a year for evacuations, such as deploying slides like on Saturday on the Boeing 777. Only the four slides on the left side of the plane deployed, suggesting the right-side doors either jammed or crewmembers decided not to use them. But all 307 people aboard were accounted for. Two 16-year-old girls who died were found outside the wreckage and at least 168 people were taken to area hospitals. "It's incredible to see what these flight attendants were able to accomplish – with half the doors," said Leslie Mayo, a flight attendant for American Airlines on 777s and national communications coordinator for the Association of Professional Flight Attendants.